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Not An Issue


In a widely publicized report, Percy Harvin, the junior wide receiver formally of the Florida Gators, has tested positive for marijuana use at the 2009 NFL combine. This has been a lingering rumor for quite some time, but became official throughout mainstream media in the past 36 hours.

Yes, Harvin may now be a tough sell to a chapter of the boy-scouts, and he probably won’t be the top candidate to lead a Sunday-school group, but let’s be serious now– this is not a cause for concern. Obviously we don’t condone recreational drug-use for professional athletes, but it’s truly sad how quickly we can tattoo the dreaded term “character issue” to a player, for such a trivial practice .

Certainly, Percy Harvin now has an obligation, as a representative of the National Football League, to stay clean on a zero-tolerance basis. The fact that he failed to keep his urine clean for the biggest job interview in his life, isn’t particularly comforting; however, to allow this drug-test to demean his draft status is just plain silly. If you’re naive enough to believe that Harvin is the only high calibre athlete to smoke pot, you’re horribly mistaken. It’s a common phenomena in pro-sports, that is often jokingly admitted to, and the adverse effects attached to a positive drug test don’t take into account the substantial majority who do not get caught.

Harvin was a hard-working, stand-up guy during his time as a Florida Gator. He was not a chronic law-breaker, nor was he a generic trouble-maker. He was loved by teammates, and was never perceived as a distraction. Some question his coachability and repect for authority, but personally, anyone who plays for his team on a broken ankle, and publicly discloses the injury as a simple sprain needs to be given a tad more credit.



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Lost In Translation


The man in the photo above is named Tim Tebow, the junior quarterback for the National Champion Florida Gators. As the picture would suggest, the Gators’ home uniform is a shade of royal blue that is strikingly similar to the shade universally associated with superman.  Tim Tebow completes this similarity with his on-field ability, and for some, has reformed the emblematic “S” on the chest into the shape of a one and a five.

Tebow is a tremendous leader, a shocking athlete, and a first-class human being. He was a Heisman trophy winner a year ago, and the winner of two National Championships in his three years at Florida. This year he was undeniably the Gator’s driving force in a campaign that saw them lose only once, and claim the year-end No.1 BCS ranking.

In two years as a starter, Tebow has thrown 67 touchdowns, versus only 11 interceptions. Even more stunning is his 43 rushing touchdowns amassed over three years, which is now the current Gator record, eclipsing the previous mark of 37 touchdowns; that record was held by Emmit Smith.

Yet scouts don’t believe Tebow’s raw talent, pure success, or acclaimed character will translate to the big leagues for the fact that he played in Urban Meyer’s “spread option” offence. Without getting too technical, this essentially has the quarterback in a consistent no-huddle shotgun, with multiple recievers to spread opposing defences. This has forced scouts to suggest that Tebow is the product of a system that has perrenially inflated the stats and appearance of quarterbacks. The most recent example of this would be Alex Smith, the No. 1 pick of the 49ers who ran Urban Meyer’s offence at Utah, and has been a ghost in the NFL.

This is me seizing the opportunity to publicly endorse Tim Tebow. And this is why…

When the pocket breaks down, and Tebow is on the run, he has the ability to evade pressure, look down field, locate a reciever and use a god-given cannon-of-an-arm to make any throw. He is accurate. He is elusive. He is as physically imposing as Big Ben in Pittsburgh, with the feet of Fran Tarkenton. He loves the big games and brings the passion you can’t teach.

Tebow is not Alex Smith.

He is a first-rounder with all the tools, the attitude and the intangibles. No question he will need to be fine tuned, and learn the professional ropes, as anyone does. But his success will translate just fine.


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On the Eve of Draft Season


Tonight, the Florida Gators will go head to head with the Oklahoma Sooners in the BCS National Championship game. Whether you like the college bowl format or not, this one should be a classic. The rich plot includes two Heisman trophy quarterbacks, two tremendously athletic defenses, and a head coach, Bob Stoops, who is looking to dominate a Gator defense that he helped patrol from 1996-1999.

What’s more than the game itself,  when the victor has been decided, the long road to the 2009 NFL Draft  will have officially begun. The senior class is a solid group of talent, but the notable underclassmen that have recently announced their ambition to join the NFL, has put the 2009 draft class over the top. The likes of Knowshon Moreno, Everette Brown, Chris Wells, and Andre Smith are just the beginning of a quickly growing talent pool.

Over the next 100-plus days, NFL Draft Headquarters will analyze the ongoing stories leading up to draft day, and will provide a unique perspective on these events. Stay tuned, because at around Midnight EST tonight, the journey will begin.

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