Not An Issue


In a widely publicized report, Percy Harvin, the junior wide receiver formally of the Florida Gators, has tested positive for marijuana use at the 2009 NFL combine. This has been a lingering rumor for quite some time, but became official throughout mainstream media in the past 36 hours.

Yes, Harvin may now be a tough sell to a chapter of the boy-scouts, and he probably won’t be the top candidate to lead a Sunday-school group, but let’s be serious now– this is not a cause for concern. Obviously we don’t condone recreational drug-use for professional athletes, but it’s truly sad how quickly we can tattoo the dreaded term “character issue” to a player, for such a trivial practice .

Certainly, Percy Harvin now has an obligation, as a representative of the National Football League, to stay clean on a zero-tolerance basis. The fact that he failed to keep his urine clean for the biggest job interview in his life, isn’t particularly comforting; however, to allow this drug-test to demean his draft status is just plain silly. If you’re naive enough to believe that Harvin is the only high calibre athlete to smoke pot, you’re horribly mistaken. It’s a common phenomena in pro-sports, that is often jokingly admitted to, and the adverse effects attached to a positive drug test don’t take into account the substantial majority who do not get caught.

Harvin was a hard-working, stand-up guy during his time as a Florida Gator. He was not a chronic law-breaker, nor was he a generic trouble-maker. He was loved by teammates, and was never perceived as a distraction. Some question his coachability and repect for authority, but personally, anyone who plays for his team on a broken ankle, and publicly discloses the injury as a simple sprain needs to be given a tad more credit.



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4 responses to “Not An Issue

  1. Curtis

    You see, thats the thing though. He got caught. It may happen all the time, but all those other guys haven’t been caught yet. As bad as it is to label him, I think that it probably is necessary to do so. One drug offense leads to many others. See Reggie Williams, Ricky Williams, Matt Jones etc.

    Im not saying hes a bad guy and he is definitely a talent, but he does carry off the field baggage. Aqib Talib from last year; it was noted that he failed the drug test for marijuana, and in his rookie year he had some problems both on and off the field.

    The fact remains that he was caught and he will be labelled. It shouldn’t hurt his draft stock, but it probably will. I can see him slipping a little bit in the draft but with everyone seeming to get suspended for crossing the street when they aren’t supposed to, I guess it should be the case with Percy Harvin.

  2. Antonino Cerminara

    Love the comments Curtis.

    Yea I totally get what you’re saying. I’m just trying to shed light on how Harvin was never a distraction during his time at Florida. I just hate to see these guys take a beating in the media, especially when it’s totally unrelated to how they perform on the field.

    You make great points though.

  3. andrewmarkramos

    anto this is just goofy. kid cant stay clean for the combine, theres no way he stays clean once he gets his millions! Jets grab him in the 2nd round!

  4. Antonino Cerminara

    Well if that’s the case, then he doesn’t end up playing a single game for you, and he becomes a permanent fixture in the league’s substance abuse program.

    I don’t think it will be problem, and I’ve hinted at that in the above article.

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