A New Number One


It’s official, we’ve released version two of our 2009 NFL Mock Draft, and there is a new face a-top the draft board– Matthew Stafford, the quarterback from the University of Georgia.

The Lions have an undeniable need on the o-line, but that need can be satisfied at both pick #20, and pick #33. Our Mock has the Lions going offensive tackle Eben Britton at 20, and the Lions would be wise to go offensive guard at 33. This draft strategy allows them to take a risk on Stafford, knowing that he will not suffer the same fate as Joey Harrington.

Stafford has looked absolutely lights out in all post-season workouts, and seems to be handling himself like a true professional. His footwork is top-notch, he ran a tremendous 40, and he possesses this draft’s biggest arm. He is a bonafied leader, clean off the field, and embodies the rebirth that the Lions are going through.

Even if he turns out to be nothing but a serviveable QB, he will still be an improvement from the Lions current QB situation, which cannot be left in its current state for the start of training camp. Yes, Stafford will bring a massive price-tag, and his failure would be a major set-back, but the Lions cannot be haunted by mistakes of the past. Stafford has all the makings of a top signal-caller, and given the necessary support around him, he should flourish in Detroit.



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2 responses to “A New Number One

  1. andrewmarkramos

    Great blog and mock. I agree with your first 3 paragraphs but I dont agree with the 4th. While the Lions shouldn’t be haunted by their past, they should definitely learn from their mistakes. If the Lions go offensive line at 20 and 33, then I would have no problem with the Stafford pick. However, one of those first 3 picks will definitely go towards the defense because it is so bad!

    Personally I think you need to adress the offensive line and the running game before you draft a top QB. The Falcons brought in Michael Turner and had a servicable o-line, the Dolphins adressed their 0-line first overall last year and both of these teams were able to turn it around in one year. I’m not sure the Lions are ready to bring in Stafford. I still think the first pick should be Jason Smith. If they dont select Smith, Stafford’s development is going to be as stagnated as Jamarcus Russell’s.

    Culpepper is apparently looking good and you could draft a QB later on in the draft. As well, next years QB class is loaded. It would be wise for the Lions to start Culpepper for one season and then pick up a QB in the first round next year.

  2. Antonino Cerminara

    The idea of the Lions taking Stafford is no doubt fraught with the possibility of disaster; however, there is simply not enough offensive talent on this team to pass up on a potential franchise signal-caller. Stafford has the talent, he has the production, and he has the character to solidify the package– much-like a Matt Ryan.

    My Stafford pick, and ultimately his NFL success, is contingent on the Lions going two o-linemen in the top 35. This is necessary. With Cherilus, Backus, Britton and potentially Duke Robinson or Alex Mack– the Lions will have a legitimate o-line for the first time in ages, and the transition to NFL game-speed will be much easier for Stafford.

    Detroit’s starting defence includes names like Julian Peterson, Ernie Simms, Cliff Avril, Grady Jackson, Jordon Dizon, Phillip Buchanon, DeWayne White, and Gerald Alexander. It’s a decent mix of experienced veterans, but is primarily packed with youth. With top picks in every round, holes can be filled throughout the draft (remember the Lions have a whole slew of trade picks and compensatory picks).

    Running back is not a need at all. The Lions drafted Kevin Smith early and signed Maurice Morris this year. Again a third-stringer could be acquired in the 6th or 7th round– much like an Ahmad Bradshaw.

    I think Stafford is the guy now.

    The Raiders are an organization in complete and chronic disarray, and don’t serve as much of a comparison. The Falcons were in the same situation as the Lions– they took a QB early, and an o-lineman in the 20’s. The Dolphins turned it around because Bill Parcells aqcuired over 20 new players to that abysmal Dolphins team.

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